Each xam creation is the result of meticulous thought and design of geometric shapes and careful minimalist details, through a constant effort to create a unique and identifiable language: the xam language.

The company employs architects and designers who have an intimate affinity with xam's formal language; the result is a production that involves multiple and flexible areas of design intervention, from residential interior design, living and night, to hospitality, restaurants and bars, commercial spaces, showrooms, shops and offices.

Furniture that is more than just furniture containers for storage, seating or relaxation. They are transformed into versatile elements, volumes of material, light and colour, to be inserted into predefined or customised architectural contexts, created by xam's in-house production, according to the design and request of the professional.

xam offers its production expertise in the realisation and customisation of specific projects for the residential and contract market, using master carpentry and joinery craftsmen and a network of suppliers of excellence.